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STEP 1 – Choose from the Registration Options available that include One Tournament Playoff Hockey Sheet for $50 or two for $70.


STEP 2Online instructions & passwords will be emailed to you so you can access our tournament on the tournament website after your registration and payment have been received. You will be able to access your etax receipt for the allowable amount in your confirmation email. There is no limit to the number of registrations per person.


STEP 3 - Fill out the 2019 online NHL Playoff Tournament Boxed Sheet. Our tournament will be available on the website right after the end of the regular NHL season on Saturday April 6, 2019. You can make your picks in our tournament up until 7 p.m EST on Wednesday, April 10, 2019 prior to the start of the first scheduled NHL playoff game.

STEP 4Enjoy the Hockey Madness Playoffs! Follow the standings by checking the reports published daily on the tournament website at


Each entrant must choose 1 player from each of the 21 groups in the 2019 NHL Playoff Tournament Sheet on by marking the appropriate box on the tournament sheet.


Only those players on the entry form are eligible to be selected and no substitutions will be allowed.


Points for all Players including Goalies

  • Goal = 1 point

  • Assist = 1 point

  • Overtime Goal = 2 points


Points for Goalies:

  • Win = 1 point

  • Shutout = 3 points

  • They will also be credited for goals/assists

No trades will be allowed.


Each goal or assist scored by those available players during the playoffs will count as one point. Points will be based upon official NHL statistics only.


Prizes are awarded on the basis of most points accumulated by an entrant's team.

The prize distribution is as follows:

1st Place: $2,000

2nd Place: $1,000

3rd Place: $600


In the event of a tie, the available prize money will be split equally. The Hockey Draft standings will be updated on a daily basis on the website.

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