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Each registered entry must have a completed online bracket.


Points awarded for every game picked correctly with the winner having the most total points. Scoring will be determined as follows:


Round 1 - 1 point per win

Round 2 - 2 points per win

Sweet 16 - 4 points per win

Elite 8 - 8 points per win

Final Four - 10 points per win

Championship - 14 points per win


If a winner is not listed in the provided space, the higher seeded team will be chosen. If no tiebreaker is chosen 130 will be selected.


In the event of a tie the total points of the championship game listed on the bracket will be used. The entry with the number of points closest to the cumulative final score of the championship game, without going over is the winner. If a tie still exists, the prize will be split evenly.



In addition to our full tournament, Our SWEET SIXTEEN TOURNAMENT continues this year complete with a 50/50 prize structure, top winner receiving 60%; 2nd place winner receiving 25%; third place winner receiving 15%. Sweet 16 starts with Round 3 of the tournament, when the field has been cut down to 16 teams.

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