1st place: $6,500

2nd place: $2,500

3rd place: $1,500

4th place: $1,000

5th place: $500

Due to the cancellation of the March Madness Tournament in the US, we unfortunately will not be running CFHU's March Madness Tournament this year. Please email Esther Schlesinger at esthers@cfhu.org with any questions.


Dear March Madness Fans and Friends of CFHU: 


It is with great pride that CFHU’s Madness Sports Tournaments Committee announces the launch of the 2020 Online Madness Sports Tournaments Fundraising Campaign!


Started as a small initiative in 1995, the Madness Sports Tournaments have grown dramatically, raising over $1 million to support important research and has awarded more than 60 scholarships to Canadian students to study at Hebrew University.


Proceeds raised from the 2020 Madness Tournaments support the Einstein Legacy Student Scholarships at Hebrew University which include:

Click here to register for March Madness 2020. And don’t forget to come back for our Playoff Hockey Madness (registration opens March 28, 2020) and for Football Madness (registration opens August 23, 2020).


Good luck in our Madness Tournaments and as always, we greatly appreciate your ongoing support.


Lorne Persiko & Mike Kraft

Co-Chairs, 2020 Madness Tournaments Committee

A Big Thank you to our 2020 Madness Tournaments Committee!

Lorne Persiko, Co-Chair

Mike Kraft, Co-Chair

Bonnie Dale

Roslyn Goldmintz

Karen Goldstein

Michael Konikoff

Ira Lindenberg

Aliya Lucatch

Harlie Persiko

Rhonda Ronson

Gary Rudson

CFHU Staff: Esther Schlesinger and Tamar Kraus

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